If Broken Bells’s self-titled debut album — which earned a Grammy nod back in 2011 — is any indication of what’s coming at us with their February 4th release of After the Disco, then we are all in for a treat. The first collaborative effort from Danger Mouse and the Shins’s James Mercer was chock full of catchy yet weighty pop tracks and fostered a cult favorite tribute to Hall and Oates — which we realize is hard to top — but the two excellent singles we’ve heard so far have lived up to our elite standards. ”Holding On For Life” dropped in November, and today “After the Disco” couldn’t have us more thirsty for another sample of the blatantly 70s-inspired sophomore album. Now, take an ear-peek at “After the Disco” below and join us in a prayer that this album spawns another genius lip dubbing.

STREAM: Broken Bells – “After The Disco”