I’m not typically a huge Conor Oberst fan. His voice and the totally hyperbolic emotion behind his music has always led me to believe that, while he has done interesting work, I just wouldn’t really get along with him if we sat next to each other on a plane. He’d probably start over-sharing, you know?

Anyways, after a pretty long hiatus, Oberst’s band Bright Eyes is set to drop an album entitled The People’s Key on February 15, and the single “Shell Games” is available below. His lyrics still do not seem to be particularly self aware (“Distorted sounds on the oscilloscopes/Distorted facts I could never cope/My private life is an inside joke/No one will explain it to me”) but the hooks are catchy as heck and the harmonies certainly have more dimension than anything I have heard Bright Eyes produce as of yet.

Bright Eyes fan? Rejoice! Not a Bright Eyes fan? Yeah, I know, but just listen to it.

MP3: Bright Eyes – “Shell Games”