What do you get when you pop The Misfits, The Thermals and Wavves into a blender? Bloody Knees — a big, delicious mess.

Bloody knees – a group of childhood friends hailing from Cambridge (UK) –  whip up a tasty concoction of horror-laden surf punk rock. Their debut EP is loaded with slacked off punk rock riffs reminiscent of Danzig-era Misfits with all the darkened fifties-pop pizzazz. All of the songs here – with the exception of skating ode “(Not) Skateboarding” – are written in classic Misfits fashion, dealing with themes of death, blood and the horrific. Why? Because, according to frontman Bradley Griffiths, “It’s just fun singing about death and blood and knives and shit.” Also, his day job is cleaning up a hospital so being surround by puke, blood and disease will do that to you. But with a voice sounding like a sober-ish Darby Crash (with dashes of Glenn Danzig and Nathan Williams) on top of infectiously catchy riffs, it’s hard not to find yourself singing along.

Watch Bradley, Chris, Tom, and Sam muck around in the video for the their single “Ears, Eyes, Ohs and Yous” above. The Bloody Knees EP is slated for a June 17th release via Heart Throb Records.

STREAM: Bloody Knees – “Ears, Eyes Ohs and Yous”