Danny Brown – Grown Up (ATG Remix)

Apparently, All Things Go isn’t the only ATG out there. Today we’re giving some love to our doppelganger, ATG a.k.a Alexander the Great, a NYC producer who has been laying down beats along with the likes of Terminology, Kool G Rap, and Statik Selektah over the last few years. His first full length, The Susan Sarandon Story, was a critical success and kicked his career into gear this past January. Now he’s back with a remix of Danny Brown’s super breezy, “Grown Up.” The term “remix” barely applies here as ATG has transformed the old school beat into something more modern underneath Brown’s vocals. Alexander doesn’t just tweak the original; he reforms the melody, instrumentation and reworks the chord structure. ATG’s jazz roots come through in the instrumentation, headlined by heralding trumpets and airy guitars underneath.

ATG has more projects in the works with Reks and Fashawn, so be sure to keep an eye out for new tracks soon.

MP3: Danny Brown – “Grown Up (ATG Remix)”

Born Gold – Sky Bicycle

If you’re into that whole glitch-pop thing, recently popularized by the likes of Purity Ring, you might want to check out Born Gold. Both members of Purity Ring, in fact, got their start in the off-kilter dance project’s predecessor Gobble Gobble. Frontman Cecil Frena has since changed the group’s name to Born Gold, and is set to release a sophomore effort, Little Sleepwalker. It has been a year since Frena has released anything under the Born Gold moniker, so it’s good to hear that he’s still up to his old glitchy tricks with “Sky Bicycle.” This time the hooks groove and get a bit moodier, while the beats remain as frantic as ever.  At its heart, though, “Sky Bicycle” is pop through and through. Keep an eye out for Little Sleepwalker via Audraglint Records on October 23rd.

MP3:  Born Gold – “Sky Bicycle”

Purity Ring – Fineshrine

At the rate Purity Ring has been dropping incredible singles off their upcoming debut album, Shrines, it’s hard to imagine what they’ve got left for its release on July 24th. Nevertheless, their consistency and depth continue to amaze me. Yesterday the band gave us another sneak peek with “Fineshrine,” the third single released off Shrines in as many months. “Fineshrine” is undoubtedly the strongest of those, and could even dethrone “Ungirthed” as the best track they have released to date. Though the song has a much sunnier disposition than we’re used to, Megan James won’t let you get too comfortable; “Fineshrine” is rife with graphic lyrics that should keep things sufficiently weird. Corin Roddick’s swirling vocal samples, stretched high and low, are more coherently phrased, creating an easier listening experience than the disassociating production that previously shocked and amazed us. Shrines hits shelves July 24th via 4AD.

MP3:  Purity Ring – “Fineshrine

Lushlife – She’s A Buddhist, I’m A Cubist (Remix)

One month off the release of Plateau VisionsLushlife is back with a fresh remix of one of the album’s stronger moments, “She’s A Buddhist, I’m A Cubist.” The remix is really a forum for South Philly-based emcee and bedroom producer Raj Haldar to showcase his many friends, with half a dozen of them appearing on the rework. Keep an ear out for a new hook from Dirty Projectors’ Angel Deradoorian and some verses from Cities Aviv, G-Side, Big Baby Ghandi, Deniro Farrar and Kenny Dennis. Yeah, that’s a lot of names to keep straight. Halder’s been focusing more on his wordplay recently, but, as shown in “She’s A Buddhist,” his strength is in his gauzy, spectral production featuring influences from Dilla, psychedelia and the old school. And, as his name implies, it’s mighty lush. Stream it below, but make sure you get your own copy from his Facebook page.

STREAM: Lushlife – “She’s A Buddhist, I’m A Cubist (Remix)”

Blood Diamonds – Phone Sex (Ft. Grimes)

Grimes has been talking big game about her boy Blood Diamonds, aka Canadian producer Mike Tucker, for a minute now. It’s good to see the two have finally come together for Tucker’s upcoming 12″, Phone Sex. Claire Boucher’s playful pop vocals take the foreground in the title track, propelling it through Tucker’s R&B-influenced baleric pop. The bright poppy hooks are straight out of the early 90s, but are darkened by a dissonant blanket of synths. The result is a perfect balance between the ying and yang. Look out for the rest of the EP (printed on transparent pink vinyl) on July 25th via 4AD.

STREAM: Blood Diamond – “Phone Sex (Ft. Grimes)”

M83 – Reunion (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix)

Anthony Gonzales has prepared a seven-track remix EP for M83‘s standout track, “Reunion.” The third and most recent of these reworks to surface comes from Detroit indie-pop group and perennial remixers Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. The remix builds like a spaceship, ready to take the track through every layer of the pop stratosphere. It opens with a dreamy, warped beat as droning vocals seep through and make way for arpeggiated synths, before opening up for the final minute. Sit back, relax and enjoy the trip. The Reunion EP is set to come out May 29th via Mute.

MP3: M83 – “Reunion (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix)”

Diplo – Set It Off (feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex)

Diplo may be without Stitch on his first solo album since 2004, but there are plenty of lazers to go around.  Just yesterday he released “Set It Off,” a raucous Moohmbaton beat from deep within the dancehall featuring Burlington-based DJ Lazerdisk Party Sex.  Way back in December, Diplo said Express Yourself would be out “in a couple days,” which he must have meant in very relative terms.  He’s finally announced the release of the six-cut EP for June 12th on Diplo’s own Mad Decent.  Both the song and album represent a microcosm of Diplo’s widely diverse interests – from nuggets of chopped up beats to New Orleans bounce music and riddims. Express Yourself promises something for everyone.

STREAM:  Diplo – “Set It Off” (Feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex)

Thomas Barfod – November Skies (Feat. Nina Kinert)

It seems like these days every drummer, bassist, or tambourine player in a Scandinavian band also has an surprisingly amazing side project of some form or other.  At least that’s the case with WhoMadeWho drummer Tomas Barfod. When not manning the sticks for the Danish electro crew, he’s making a name for himself as a House DJ under the pseudonym Tomyboy. Barfod’s prepped his debut full length, Salton Sea, and it is ready to drop on May 22nd with Friends of Friends. While his production is very solid, he is at his best when elevated  with the help of a few vocalist friends.  Sweden’s beautiful Nina Kinert lent a her services on “November Skies,” the second single released off the album. Kinert’s crisp vocals cut through the buoyantly poppy track and provide a catchy melody that I can’t seem to get out of my head.  Be sure to check out the full album next week.

MP3: Tomas Barfod – November Skies (feat. Nina Kinert)

Purity Ring – Obedear

For you fans of the profoundly haunting, futuristic pop of Purity Ring, the band has a very exciting new release in “Obedear,” the first new track off their debut album, Shrines. While you try to contain your giddiness make sure you’re not doing anything on July 24th, because 4AD will be making Shrines rain. “Obedear” is an especially blippy and glitchy teaser of what’s to come from the Edmonton duo, and a sad reminder of how long three months can be. A full track list is available after the jump.

MP3:  Purity Ring – “Obedear”


Dream Cop – NASDAQ

While prepping his official spring release for “NASDAQ,” Dream Cop has found the time to squeeze in a swanky new video for the single.  A Blacksburg, VA resident, by way of fair DC, Dream Cop is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Tommy Davidson. Dream Cop takes your garden-variety reverb-heavy dream pop and puts it into an apocalyptic, drum-driven echo chamber. Manipulating stop motion and live action camera work, director Lucas Borras builds the song visually with paint-splattered psychedelics, color-washed dust storms and kaleidoscopic visuals. With the unlikely tools of dynamic repetition and glitchy fragmentation, Dream Cop creates a luxuriantly catchy tune.

MP3:  Dream Cop – “NASDAQ”