Bixel Boys – The Fall (Chapter 1)

As summer winds down, the nights grow longer and the days grow colder, and your music listening shifts from breezy poolside tunes to gloomier melodies. With that, Bixel Boys introduce a new mixtape series for the months of October, November and December entitled The Fall. These selections are meant for night drives, overcast mornings, windshield wipers, leggings, ankle boots, hoodies, cigarettes, reflecting, and redemption. Join Bixel in bidding farewell to summer and embracing the cool nights ahead.

DOWNLOAD: Bixel Boys – The Fall (Chapter 1)

Review: The Temper Trap @ Hollywood Palladium

After missing them time and time again, I finally had the chance to see The Temper Trap at the Hollywood Palladium here in LA a few weeks back, and it was well worth the wait.  I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of the audience but in retrospect, it made sense — there were a LOT of couples clearly on date night, your casually dressed music lovers, and a fair number of bros in throwback jerseys. Dougy Mandagi really showed his vocal range on “Rabbit Hole” and “Soldier On,” and the sheer power of his voice in a live atmosphere was impressive. “Resurrection” and “Science of Fear” were clear highlights, and the band wrapped things up with crowd favorite “Sweet Disposition” to close out on a high note.

STREAM: The Temper Trap - “Trembling Hands”

Charleston – Red Hearts Of Gold (Chamboche Remix)

There is very little information about both the band (Charleston) and the producer (Chamboché) who joined forces to create “Red Hearts Of Gold” around the interwebs, but through some clever googling, I’ve learned that Chamboché, aka Juno Chamboché, is a London-based producer and DJ, and has spun alongside the likes of Jamie Jones, Erol Alkan, and more. Also, I learned that Charleston is a city in South Carolina, so, there’s that. This remix has painfully gradual minimalist buildup until about four minutes in, when your patience pays off and the track launches a full sonic assault on your ears. Be patient, you won’t regret it.

STREAM: Charleston – “Red Hearts of Gold (Chamboché Remix)”

Flosstradamus – Look At The Sky (Ft. Deniro Farrar)

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to much hip-hop, and even longer since I’ve put trap music on, but Flosstradamus’ new track is breaking the streak.  J2K and Curt have been building a nice little comeback after their successes of what feels like forever ago, and they’re doing so by riding the trap wave.  This song samples Opus III’s “Fine Day”  and layers the beautiful vocals over light synths and a simple trap snare. Somehow the combination of slowed down trance and trap works perfectly.  The song also features Charlotte, NC based rapper Deniro Farrar, who does a great job of not rapping about ridiculous shit, which is a serious accomplishment these days.

MP3: Flosstradamus – “Look At The Sky (Ft. Deniro Farrar)”

Lovebirds – Want You In My Soul

Late last year, I heard a remix of Lovebirds‘ “Want You In My Soul” and instantly fell in love. Normally, listeners hear the original and hunger for more, seeking out every remix they can get their hands on. I had the reverse experience with the German producer/DJ, and I am now further smitten. The original version is the polar opposite of its bass-heavy counterpart; it’s a soft, soulful song that is perfect to listen to on a rainy day. Even though rainy days don’t exist in LA, I have this song on repeat.

MP3: Lovebirds – “Want You In My Soul”
MP3: Lovebirds – “Want You In My Soul (Hot Toddy Remix)”

Light Year – Moderation

Australia’s been on a hot streak of talent export as of late. Its newest product — Sydney house producer Light Year and his track “Moderation” — is no exception. Initially released on the famous Bang Gang 12″, “Moderation” is a brooding track with an incredible bassline and dirty synths. The whole dF office has been infatuated with this one for the past couple of months, but our obsession hit a new level upon watching the video. It’s a weird one, but the VHS rave footage fits just nicely with the track. If you like what you see/hear, also check out the track’s harder counterpart on the Moderation EP, “Reversion.” If you live in LA, make sure to catch Light Year tonight at the Echoplex.

STREAM: Light Year – Moderation EP

Salon Acapulco – Astronauta

We break from our scheduling programming today to present you a true Summer anthem, courtesy of Guadalajaran DJ duo Salon Acapulco. The Mexican producers recently released a new original track, “Astronauta,” which is a frenzied tropical-house-disco smoothie and it is the perfect excuse to put on some board shorts and flip flops. This Saturday will be Salon Acapulco’s LA debut, and I’m excieed to see them bring a taste of Mexico to my lovely city. As always, dF’s No Shirt / No Shoes party is free with RSVP so I hope to see all of you who live in SoCal there!

STREAM: Salon Acapulco – “Astronauta”

Nora En Pure – You Make Me Float

There isn’t much information out there on the internets about Nora En Pure, other than that they’re from Zurich, and that they’ve created a song that manages to take Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat” and make it even sexier and smoother than the original. “You Make Me Float” is so intricate and sensual that listening to it on anything but some high quality headphones just wont do it justice. Go buy some Sennheiser’s or Beats by Dre and pop this number on. You’ll thank us later.

MP3: Nora En Pure – “You Make Me Float”

Disclosure – Tenderly/Flow

I’m kicking myself for not having discovered Disclosure until just recently.  The UK duo has gotten some serious playtime with their two new singles, “Flow” and “Tenderly.”  The tracks have the perfect balance of heavy bass, bouncy rhythms, and baby-bottom-smooth vocals that get those two left feet moving.  Go “Like” their Facebook page to download their entire EP for free!

STREAM: Disclosure – “Tenderly/Flow”

Grouplove – Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)

What recipe do you use to make a positively effervescent song even more happy-go-lucky?  Add one part Gigamesh, easy peasy. The Minnesotan DJ–who we interviewed last week–transforms Grouplove’s iconic “Tongue Tied” (yes, the song from the Apple commercial) from a youthful sing-along to a downright dirty dance party.

Make sure to catch Gigamesh this Thursday night at U St. Music Hall for All Things Gold 007, alongside Ghost Beach and Summer Camp. Tickets are still available, so grab them HERE to witness the seventh installment of, in our completely and totally unbiased opinion, the best monthly dance party this side of the Mississippi.

MP3: Grouplove – “Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)”