Premiere: Broken Luxury – Fast & Far

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How many times in your life have you wished for a “sexier James Blake merged with a downtempo Justin Timberlake?” That’s how Chicago newcomers Broken Luxury describe their sound; one listen to “Fast & Far” and you’ll learn this description is more than mere fantasy.

The duo consists of Josh Reynolds and Zach Golden, who first met at Berklee College of Music in 2007. There, after helping one another record solo material, they realized quickly that a collaboration was in order and found that their talents combined into something way more special than the sum of its parts. Despite the fact that Golden’s move to New York left Broken Luxury fractured and living 800 miles away from each other, the pair still put together a cohesive album, developing the songs over email and recording the self-titled release in just one week.

The band explains their musical chemistry as “if Golden’s sounds are a maze, Reynold’s voice is what leads listeners through.” If there is a labyrinthian quality to their music, it’s certainly a labyrinth I wouldn’t mind getting lost in. You could wander for hours in the smooth, visceral sound of “Fast & Far” — it’s being in like a lazy river filled with iced coffee.

DOWNLOAD: Broken Luxury – “Fast & Far” [PREMIERE]

I Guess This Is Growing Up


Would any of our fifteen year-old selves really like the people we are today? The perspective that comes with maturity may make us better humans, but everyone misses the unbridled enthusiasm (and pain) we used to feel for even the most mundane experiences. It’s no surprise Blink-182′s career trajectory, marked early on by potty humor and feelings and later by attempts to make the responsible choices necessary to be taken seriously, mirrored the adolescent journey so well. Their untitled/self titled album, released 10 years ago today, represented for many the point of no return for the band, leaving fans feeling the way they did when their best friend started hanging out an awful lot with the girl from algebra class and making excuses for why his saturday nights were suddenly “busy.” To commemorate the album’s tin anniversary, I asked the ATG crew to vote for their all-time favorite Blink-182 songs and write a bit about why they held such an important place in their hearts.


The One: Video Game Songs

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Last month’s release of Grand Theft Auto V burned a staggering billion-dollar-sized hole in the collective pocket of the 15 to 30 year-old male; a subset of that group was less interested in cruising for hookers than in cruising the 240 licensed songs on the soundtrack. Over at ATG HQ, the hype got us thinking about our favorite video game songs of all time. Not just a great song thrown into a blockbuster game, but a song with such perfect emotion and intensity that it taught us at an early age there’s no such thing as virtual reality. Because this INCREDIBLY AMAZING Turtles In Time soundbite compilation apparently doesn’t count as a song, I’ll defer to my tastefully nerdy colleagues for more insight.


Premiere: Young Heel – Not A Name


Summer is coming to a close, bringing with it the annual hangover from hedonistic anthem overexposure. Our buddies Young Heel have the musical gatorade we all need in their sublimely mellowed out new single “Not A Name,” which will revive the feeling in your festival-battered body like a warm hug from Grizzly Bear and Beach House.

I got to chat with the Brooklyn-based band, comprised of Clay Bassford, JT Norton and Stephen Greenberg about the release of their first EP, what they’ve been working on since and the best jokes they’ve ever heard. Listen to the premiere of “Not A Name” below, and read on after the jump for the interview.

STREAM: Young Heel – “Not A Name”


The One: Hate Songs


Here at All Things Go Music Dot Com, we are never in want of a good gush session. There’s always new music to love, and unlike the more curmudgeony corners of the internet, we prefer to keep things positive on our end. But sometimes you just need to rant, na mean? Inspired by the very excellent AV Club HateSongs feature, I asked the staff: what song makes you feel like your blood transfusion is rejecting your body the moment it comes on the radio? The one that sends you into a panic over the location of emergency exits when a friend plays it at a party? The one that singlehandedly ruins an entire movie with a place on the soundtrack? And most importantly, why? See what we all had to say after the jump.


Dan Croll – In/Out


Part of me feels like I shouldn’t like Dan Croll because he’s just so perfect. Not in an annoying way — he’s got charm for days — but every time I listen to him, all I can think is that nothing can stop him from completely taking over the singer-songwriter game. It’s just a matter of time before teenage girls, showing an unprecedented level of good taste and judgment, fall head over heels for the crooning Brit. “In/Out”, like the songs that came before it, is flawless and accessible and full of smiles and hugs. It won’t be long before Dan Croll is snatched up by the radio hobgoblins and out of our selfish bloggy hands. But until then — EVERYBODY GET YR CROLL ON.

STREAM: Dan Croll – “In/Out”

The One: 80s Cover Songs


The first few chords of an unexpected live cover can be surreal. Is this really happening? Is your favorite rising buzz band really throwing it back with your favorite old school anthem? When they fail, covers can seem like a cheap way to woo the audience’s favor by bashing their heads against nostalgia. But when they succeed, oh man. OH man. This month, I asked the ATG writing krewe (+ a special guest blogger) to write some words about their favorite indie covers of 80s(ish) songs. Here’s what everyone had to say.


The One: Road Trip


Anyone who’s spent more than a few hours behind the wheel knows a solid car playlist can be the difference between a road trip and a nightmare. This month, we’re celebrating the summer cruising season by bringing you the ATG staff’s #1 favorite road trip anthems. If you had to listen to one song on repeat from coast to coast, which would you choose? See our staff picks and let us know in the comments.


The One: Senior Year


The end of May brings a welcome break from the barrage of patio brunch and festy pics that signal the arrival of spring on Instagram. According to my calculations, 100% of the people I know attended a graduation ceremony this past weekend, treating us all to rare glimpses into their family life with photos of wide-eyed little brothers and sisters ready to take the world by storm (once they sober up).

But when I think of the senior year that set the course for my life, it’s not college that comes to mind. It was four years earlier, when my high school sensibilities and warped sense of time allowed every day to be The Greatest Day Of My Life. I generally swear off nostalgia with the defensive panic of a 30-year-old bridesmaid, but nothing sends me into a maudlin spiral faster than the songs that soundtracked my last month of high school.

So for this month’s installation of The One, I asked the ATG staff — what’s THE ONE song that brings you back to senior year? Check out everyone’s answers and let us know your graduation anthem in the comments.


JAWS – Surround You / Toucan Surf


I never felt like the movies got it right when it came to voluntary submersion. As far as I can tell, jumping fully clothed into a pool always signals either whimsical sexiness or face-numbing depression, but sometimes you just want to chill and reflect under the water. If you agree and happen to be in the process of soundtracking a major motion picture, have I got a treat for you: J A W S. Don’t worry, you can stay in the water; this UK band gets their name from the Bond villain rather than anything out of Spielberg’s brain.

J A W S’ debut EP features “Surround You” and “Toucan Surf,” two songs that will snake through your body like the most immaculate lazy river on earth. They call it “slacker-pop,” which must refer to the person you become after listening to them; nothing here sounds careless or thrown together, but after a few runs through the EP, the chances of me calling in sick and hitting the coast tomorrow are skyrocketing. And if I happen to jump into the ocean fully clothed, at least I’ll have the music to match.

J A W S’ Surround You/Toucan Surf EP is out now via Cosine Records.

STREAM: J A W S – “Surround You”

DOWNLOAD: J A W S – “Toucan Surf”