St. Paul & The Broken Bones – Call Me

When it comes to dating, it’s often been remarked and repeated that men and women seem to live in different worlds. That well-worn adage is displayed beautifully in the new video from the Alabama southern soul outfit St. Paul & The Broken Bones for “Call Me.” As the video opens, vocalist Paul Janeway is sitting with a girl in a red dress on a couch split between two lives. On his side his bandmates play brass instruments and cards wearing suits and ties against a backdrop of wood and muted blue while Janeway stands and goes through some of his trademark gospel shimmies. She, for her part, dances gracefully and playfully in front of a world of pink, with furniture torn from the 70s. From the set pieces to the close-in shots to the dance moves on both ends of the un-dialed telephone, the video really captures the lightheartedness and energy of the music. Watch it above.

“Call Me” is the third track on St. Paul & The Broken Bones’ debut full-length, Half The City, out now on Single Lock.

Elliot Moss – Slip

elliot moss

It’s hard to get an exact bead on what’s going on in Elliot Moss’ new song “Slip.” It’s like an old jazzy lounge tune with vocals from the second Bon Iver album, all put through an Imogen Heap filter. Its grooves are lilting, smooth and subtly seductive, while the electronic overtones give it a sheen of cool. At the open it seems like the song will develop into an airy bit of dream pop, but then that slow, thick, heavy beat kicks in, planting the tune’s feet solidly in the earth. Heady stuff for a guy who still has to wait two years to legally drink. If this is the kind of stuff that Moss is putting out at 19, it’ll certainly be exciting to hear what he grows into.

“Slip” is the third song on Elliot Moss’ recently released debut Highspeeds. Stream it below.

STREAM: Elliot Moss – “Slip”

The Faint – Scapegoat

the faint scapegoat

Whether you want to call it dance-punk, post-punk, electro-clash or any other niche genre name, The Faint were on top of the world of synth-heavy, dirty guitar infused dance beats that ruled indie-rock dance floors from the late 90s into the middle aughts. It’s been years since we’ve had new noise from the Omaha outfit, but the songs so far released from their upcoming record Doom Abuse show signs that they have not missed a step.

While “Dress Code” plays mostly toward the group’s electronic tendencies, and “Salt My Doom” shows a wonderfully chaotic blend of both, new track “Scapegoat” is packing so much straight-ahead party rock that it could probably blow Andrew W.K. off the stage. If you’re the type that likes your summer jams loud, fast and constantly exploding, then The Faint have just barreled out of the gate with a strong contender for The Song of summer 2014. Stream “Scapegoat” below.

The Faint’s Doom Abuse comes out April 8th via SQE Music.

STREAM: The Faint – “Scapegoat”

Wake Up – Forever Home

wake up

For folks who were raised on 90s lo-fi, alt-indie-rock, the fuzzy rhythm guitar and jangly lead on Wake Up’s “Forever Home” are like a warm nostalgia blanket recalling flannel shirts, cassette tapes and navel gazing. Even the softly sung, atonal vocals and the lightly tapped snares and cymbals evoke the period. Bands are doing a lot of delving into past styles these days, from roots Americana to soul to 80s synth, and while there’s great stuff to be had in all of those acts, it’s folks like this Florida four-piece that are playing with the mid-90s Matador Records sound that most pull my ear. Stephen Malkmus himself would be proud. Stream “Forever Home” below.

Wake Up’s “Forever Home” is the first track off the band’s four-track 7″ of the same name, out now.

STREAM: Wake Up – “Forever Home”

Cloud Nothings – Psychic Trauma


“Psychic Trauma” is not only the name of the new song from the Cloud Nothings, but it’s also how you might feel once the steady, even-keeled track — spoiler alert! — transforms into a completely different song at the forty-five second mark. In one quick step it accelerates from pleasant, low key, low-fi rock to driving, blasting, cymbal-crashing punk. It’s a fantastic little bait-and-switch in which the switched-to tune is far more engaging, compelling, and raucous than the bait. Stream it below.

“Psychic Trauma” will appear on the Cloud Nothing’s upcoming album Here And Nowhere Else, out April 1st via Carpark/Mom + Pop.

STREAM – Cloud Nothings – “Psychic Trauma”

RAC – Tear You Down (Ft. Alex Ebert)


Those following the Remix Artist Collective have no doubt been following news of the upcoming two-part album Strangers with great interest. Two weeks ago RAC unveiled “Repeating Motion” from Part 2 as a free download from the Web site, and today fans get a listen from Part 1. “Tear You Down” features vocals from Alex Ebert (of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros fame) and easygoing, catchy rhythms. Ebert’s presence makes the song more down home than I expected, but as his style melds with the quick synthy beats, the track that emerges is one full of bright days, sunglasses, convertibles and lazy summers. It’s a tune built for driving for sure, and for dancing, and for sipping cool drinks on hot days. Stream it below.

RAC’s Strangers Part 1 comes out March 1st via Cherrytree/Interscope.

STREAM: RAC – “Tear You Down (Ft. Alex Ebert)”

The Dirty Nil – Smite


Canadian punk rockers The Dirty Nil have had my attention for some time now, and I’m always thrilled when I hear they’ve released new sounds. Their new EP SMITE is brimming with their brand of roiling, ballsy, in-your-face punk complete with nasty, brash guitars and acerbic vocals. This is rock music exactly the way it should be.


Introducing: Cardinal Sons


If “Solo” is anything to judge by, the Shirley brothers John, Joe and Dave are going to be spending 2014 crafting some of the most heartfelt pop tunes New Orleans is going to hear this year. This track hit me in a lot of the same places that Phoenix’s “Lisztomania” did, though it’s certainly not as catchy as that 2009 hook monster. What it gives up in toe-tapping rhythms, however, it more than makes up for with gutsier guitars and sweeping keyboard melodies. It’s still incredibly fun and addictive, but it’s meaty as well with John Shirley’s unassuming, easy vocal crooning lines like “‘Cause all my songs are another man’s song, and all my loves just creep along and combust.”

The trio are set to record more material next month, but in the meantime you can pick up this number, and their 2012 EP, on Bandcamp for whatever price you want.

STREAM: Cardinal Sons – “Solo”

Spiritualized – Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song)

Spiritualized in Space

When I come across a track with a really expansive sound, laden with echo and a bit of fuzz that moves in large, sweeping, deliberate steps, I often condense all that into one word: spacey. Feeling empty and yet weighty at the same time; hollow yet infinite. All of that is certainly true of this track from the Brits in Spiritualized, but that’s not necessarily what I mean when I describe the song as spacey. I mean it’s using sounds that are actually from space.


Kalle Mattson – An American Dream

kalle mattson

You might not expect a song called “An American Dream” to come out of Ottawa, but the explosive fanfare and bombast packed into this first track on Kalle Mattson’s new record is fit for any red, white and blue toting folk/rock outfit south of Ontario. Mattson’s homely vocals are filled with sweetness and longing as he intersperses quiet moments with just him, a guitar and a drum beat with horns and crashing cymbals. The track is big and celebratory, the type of song that would bring the house down played live as an encore. Stream it below.

Kalle Mattson’s record Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold dropped yesterday on Parliament of Trees.

STREAM: Kalle Mattson – “An American Dream”