Allah-Las – Had It All

If you missed the retro-fresh Allah-Las during their back-to-back sold out shows last night at New York’s Mercury Lounge, it would behoove you to—at the very least—check out their new video for “Had It All” and stream “Every Girl,” two previously unreleased tracks from the limited edition 7” they’re pushing at their tour merch table. However, if the band’s time-warped yet timelessly cool vibe has you dusting off your surfboard and online shopping for Neil Young wigs, it would b-c-d-e-hoove you to drop whatever it is you happen to be doing and join me as a band-aid at their upcoming California tour with Jacco Gardner (full schedule here) to experience the full-body reverb for yourself. Hurry, though, word is after this tour they’ll be delving deep into musician hibernation to, as Miles Michaud put it last night, “force ourselves to make another record.”

Both sides of the 7” (and their cassette, for the diehard nostaljunkies) are available exclusively via Innovative Leisure.

MP3: Allah-Las – “Every Girl”

Twin Shadow – I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

Not like it’s a big deal or anything, but I have George Lewis Jr.’s phone number. George and I have a long history, see—I did an interview with him back in my sophomore year of college, and we still text each other late night sweet nothings de temps en temps. In 2013, I think that basically qualifies as love.

So, when I heard George was taking requests as part of a monthly series called “UNDER THE CVRS,” I sidestepped the clamor of social media plebes and went straight to the source. There have been other attempts to cover Bruce Springsteen’s 1985 single “I’m On Fire,” but I was dying to see how Twin Shadow’s satiny voice and fog-drenched aura would feel on the soulful classic. To nobody’s surprise, the slow melancholic tone of the original track and George’s brooding vocals and blocky electronic drum are a perfect match—just like me and George.

Have a request? Let me know, I’ll see what I can do.

jj – Fagelsangen


Summer in Sweden is short; the first blossoms open in May, and by Midsummer the world explodes into a lush green paradise, bursting with chlorophyll, the nights barely darker than the days, and in the north, the sun never sets. By September, the world once again grows cold and everything stops growing, so it’s the Summer’s job to hurry up and get everything done omedelbart.

Perhaps it’s the endless daylight and threat of impending frost that kicked Jörð into action that has also galvanized Swedish dream-pop duo jj after their year-long hibernation. Today, they launched a new website—“an official home on the world wild web”—and gave us a taste of the first fruits of their lucubration with “Fågelsången,” the band’s first new material since their High Summer EP. “Fågelsången,” which translates to “Birdsong” in English, is more lovely and more temperate than 2010’s subpar jj n° 3, recalling the bittersweet sun-soaked sounds of jj nº 2 and leaving us preemptively mourning the end of summer.

Stream “Fågelsången” below, and click here to watch the enigmatic trailer for the rest of their new material.

STREAM: jj – “Fågelsången”



“It’s like if jj and Purity Ring got together, and fucccckked, and then this happened.”

With little but this editorial note to go on, I clicked the sideways arrow on Kill J’s “Phoenix” and found—phraseology aside—that it’s hard to formulate a more apt description. An expertly incarnated union of haunting melancholia and glitch-infused witch-house, “Phoenix” merges the familiar with the futuristic to create an alt-pop lovechild worthy of ruling over Fantastica. In fact, given the shroud of mystery encircling the Danish artist responsible for “Phoenix,” we can’t rule out the possibility that that’s exactly how the song came about. Until we know more for certain, we’ll let the song speak for itself. Stream it below.

STREAM: Kill J – “Phoenix”

Y LUV – Just Enough


Y LUV has held a stalwart spot on ATG’s radar since 2011, when the LA-based foursome released “Keep It Rollin.’” A welcome follow up to their five song EP How Chill Can You Let Go, the song was feel-good without being too fluffy, alternative without being inaccessible and the full-fledged fruition of the band’s potential seemed imminent. And they have blossomed… to an extent. With three EPs and a tour repertoire including the likes of Tokyo Police Club, Penguin Prison and The Knocks, Y LUV is well on their way to stardom. What’s really holding the up-and-comers back, in our humble opinion, is their loyalty to their muses; it’s one thing to be inspired by The Kings of Leon—a band to which lead singer and guitarist Freddy Janney has repeatedly referenced—but it’s another to mimic their passé sound. Where Y LUV thrives is in songs like “Just Enough,” their brand new single that stays true to the band’s origins but introduces an edgier synth and a more modern approach that, if they stick with it, will take them all the way.

Check out “Just Enough” below, skim through the band’s junior EP Take the Ride, and keep your fingers crossed for less Pentecostalism and more Scientology.

STREAM: Y LUV – “Just Enough”

Braids – In Kind

In a welcome gesture, Montreal-based experimental rockers BRAIDS have heralded the release of their sophomore album, Flourish//Perish, with a new six-minute single “In Kind.” Last month, we experienced a taste of the band’s first new sounds since Native Speaker when they released “Amends,” the mesmerizing B-side on the 12” that also features today’s drop. Both songs deviate significantly from BRAIDS’s earlier guitar-laden sound, but the finely woven dream of looping synths and Dirty Projectors-esque dissonance of “In Kind” are a welcome addition to any oeuvre. Stream it above.

BRAIDS’ Flourish//Perish, due out August 20th via Arbutus. Pre-order your copy here.

Quadron – Better Off (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)


When we hear a song that is lush, jazzy and chock full of finger snaps, we can’t help but think of one thing: Robin Hannibal. The common denominator between LA-based duo Rhye (Hannibal and Mike Milosh) and Quadron (with Danish singer Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj), the musician/producer and his music have about as much sex appeal as we can handle and still be a SFW site. And then Kendrick Lamar showed up. The combination of Quadron’s silky smooth vibes with a soft-spoken verse from guest star Lamar raises “Better Off” from subtly sexy to overtly pant-tightening. Listen below and look out for Quadron’s new album Avalanche, out June 4th via Vested in Culture/Epic Records.

STREAM: Quadron – “Better Off (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)”

HAERTS – All The Days


We’ve known that Brooklyn-based Deutsch group HAERTS was onto a good thing since October when we covered “Wings,” their debut, St. Lucia-produced single. In December we brought them to see you live at our New Noise showcase, and they graced our stage once again in February at All Things Gold along with Breakbot at U Street Music Hall. With the promised release of their debut album looming closer every day, HAERTS is back on ATG and back in your haerts with “All The Days,” a soaring, soulful second release, a timely anthem for another endless summer. Listen, enjoy, and hold tight — there’s bound to be more where this came from.

STREAM: HAERTS – “All The Days”

Caveman – In The City

When I move to New York in just over a month (that’s 5 weeks, 37 days, and too many hours for my atrophied postgrad mind to calculate), I sincerely hope a scary bellhop doesn’t creep into my bedroom every night and gradually slice my skin with a scalpel while I sleep. As nervous as I am for the big move, I never had this particular worry until watching Caveman’s video for “In The City,” the first single off their self-titled LP. The clip features Fran Kranz and Save The Last Dance star Julia Stiles who play the part of a couple on a romantic tour of NYC, a trip interrupted by an unexplained knife-happy hotel worker. Just when we thought the city was getting safer…I blame Bloomberg. Watch it above.

STREAM: Caveman – “In The City”

Ty Segall – Music For A Film 1


Ty Segall has been called a “garage-punk prodigy” and a “San Francisco psych wunderkind,” an “ultra-prolific” “lo-fi rocker” with a “distinct talent for crafting really catchy vocal hooks.” Today though, he set aside those catchy vocals, kicked his lo-fi vibe into overdrive and teamed up with fellow Californians Chad & The Meatbodies to create a split benefit single. Segall’s half of the split, “Music For A Film 1,” is a classic rock’n’roll-gone-wild instrumental with heavily layered percussion and incremental gnarly guitar shredding that proves as well as refutes the many monikers of this Bay Area “living legend.”

Proceeds from the single, the seventh in the Less Artists More Condos series, will go to the Ariel Panero Memorial Fund at VH1 Save the Music, a nonprofit dedicated to instrumental music education in public schools. A veritable rock star AND charitable? “Wunderkind” indeed.

STREAM: Ty Segall – “Music For A Film 1″