Preview: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin @ DC9


Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin has come a long way from the attic where they recorded their debut indie-pop gem Broom almost a decade ago. In the years since, the Missourians have released three more albums, drank vodka with friends of the tragic despot that lends them their namesake, and been named cultural ambassadors to Russia by the US State Department. Small fries, all. Hot off the release of their new album Fly By Wire and a short documentary about their adventures in the former Soviet Union, the well-traveled trio has returned stateside to remind American audiences why we should love them, too. Tonight’s show at DC9 promises to be overflowing with the power-pop hooks they’ve buttered their bread with over their career and should not be missed. Grab your tickets here.

Stream some favorites from past and present below and stream Fly By Wire now via Polyvinyl.

STREAM: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – “Oregon Girl”


Janelle Monae – Primetime (Ft. Miguel)

Whose music has brought the most new children into the world? Marvin Gaye? The Isley Brothers? Teddy Pendergrass? If Janelle Monáe’s new material is anything like her sensual new duet with Miguel, she could find herself at the table with these slow jam titans. “Primetime,” the third single from Monáe’s The Electric Lady, proves the genre-bending songstress can rock a soul ballad just fine, and Miguel (whose Kaleidoscope Dream was the best album of 2012 – no one denies this) shows once again that everything he touches turns to gold. Breathy verses? Check. A chorus about outdoor lovin’ under the stars? Check. Scorching guitar solo so good it’d make Prince put too much pepper on his salad? Triple check. Babies will be made. Listen above at your own risk.

Janelle Monae’s The Electric Lady hits stores on September 10th via Bad Boy/Wondaland/Atlantic.

Introducing: Teen Mom


For a lead single, the new cut from DC quartet Teen Mom sure does have the gravity of a statement-making album closer. Maybe that’s because “Kitchen” seems like a summation of the best parts of last year’s Mean Tom EP, pushing the group into new sonic territory without forgetting where they’ve come from. Over the song’s six-and-a-half minute runtime, the band eschews the economy of their previous release, instead allowing their sound to hem, haw and grow organically. Confidently dipping into surf, noise and post-rock at will, the song is bound to make its way into your rotation of late night summer anthems and confirms Teen Mom as one of the District’s must-watch bands on the rise. Stream it below.

STREAM: Teen Mom – “Kitchen”

Summer Camp – Fresh

Sure, Niles Rodgers’ lick on “Get Lucky” solidified it as the song of the summer (apologies to Robin and Miley), but that doesn’t mean the French robots have cornered the market on disco-inspired guitar lines. London sweethearts Summer Camp deliver your next summer anthem, packed with swirling strings, a Chic-esque riff and bittersweet remembrances of first loves. The aptly named “Fresh” is the first single from the duo’s self-titled sophomore effort, out September 9th and available for pre-order now. Watch the lyric video for the track above or stream it below.

STREAM: Summer Camp – “Fresh”

Earl Sweatshirt – Hive (Ft. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies)

The best thing about watching Earl Sweatshirt grow up is that he still has the ability to unsettle you even after he’s (mercifully) stopped rapping about murdering people and uppercutting sluts. Days after announcing he would release his eagerly-awaited sophomore album Doris at the end of the summer, Earl has dropped a video for the record’s third single, “Hive.” The video, as we’ve come to expect from the nineteen year-old rapper, is pretty dark (Like, literally dark. Maybe they could have paid the electric bill if they didn’t buy all those skeleton lawn flamingos.) A tired-looking Earl raps while a couple of kids stand around wearing creepy masks at what could be the worst house party ever. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies stop by to contribute solid verses, but its Earl’s lazy flow that is the star and reminds us again why he’s the reason we still care about the Odd Future crew. Watch the video above.

“Hive” will appear on Doris, out August 20th via Columbia Records imprint Tan Cressida.

STREAM: Earl Sweatshirt – “Hive (Ft. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies)”

Haim – I’ll Try Anything Once (The Strokes Cover)

ATG faves Haim are bringing their act to Merriweather Post Pavilion this summer, so one might expect them to look to major players like the Strokes for “big show” inspiration. But instead of tapping Julian Casablancas & co.’s original YOLO anthem, Haim stopped by Sirius XMU to take on the more subdued B-side version of the song. The ladies deliver a version that is beautifully pensive by stripping the original’s instrumentation down to a sparse synth and drum machine line. The sound is a departure from the percussive R&B influences we’ve heard on their fantastic run of singles, but it’s not like Haim can do any wrong at this point. Stream it above.

Sohn – Bloodflows

On the heels of Rhye’s critically-adored and impossibly sexy new album Woman, Vienna-via-London producer SOHN returns with his own take on 21st century soul. SOHN’s smooth vocals take center-stage over a sparse synth line that teases post-dub drums and bass intermittently. Eventually, the tension builds and boils over into a chopped and distorted finish that is absolutely breathtaking. Expanding upon the sound he made his own on last year’s The Wheel EP, SOHN is an artist we are sure to hear big things from in the future.

STREAM: SOHN – “Bloodflows”

How To Destroy Angels – And The Sky Began To Scream

How To Destroy Angels, the post-Nine Inch Nails project by the always-tortured Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig, will soon be releasing their debut LP, Welcome Oblivion. Ahead of that date, the group has released “And The Sky Began To Scream” via touch tone phone. Seriously, call (310) 299-8756. Although the method may seem distinctly 20th century, Reznor doesn’t rehash the Pretty Hate Machine days, opting instead to go further down the rabbit hole of the moody and glitchy industrial sounds that made up the Social Network and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtracks. Maandig’s vocals are infinitely prettier than Reznor’s whispery growl, but she can’t save the track from its overall darkness. Not that you’d want a pretty Trent Reznor track anyway. Stream it above.

How To Destroy Angels’ Welcome Oblivion comes out March 5th via Columbia.

Kirk Spencer – Kukcu (Ft. Safia May)

Nottingham-based producer Kirk Spencer’s last EP, Enter the Void, layered samples of traditional Indian music over dub-step beats with results that ranged from gorgeous to ham-fisted. Fortunately on his new song “Kukcu,” Spencer takes a page from his UK contemporary Jai Paul’s playbook and delivers something that manages to feel organic and airy without throwing the baby — err… bass hits and sitars — out with the bathwater. Accompanied by a video that appropriately puts the viewer in a kaleidoscope-y asteroid field, “Kukcu” is a promising direction for this new producer.

Kirk Spencer’s Wonderland EP is set to be released March 25 via Stranger Zoo.

STREAM: Kirk Spencer – “Kukcu (Ft. Safia May)”