Johnny Stimson – SO. GOOD. (Caleb L’Etoile Remix)


Emerging DC house producer Caleb L’Etoile has taken Johnny Stimson’s “SO. GOOD.” and prepped it for the warmer climates of Spring. L’Etoile transforms the suave bedroom number into a sultry club warmer with a stepping bass-line that playfully dances around the lone trumpet. Percussive rhythms grab your hips and transport you to what feels like a Havana beach club. To say this tune has “plenty of groove and feel” is a bit of an understatement. Stream it below.

STREAM: Johnny Stimson – “SO. GOOD. (Caleb L’Etoile Remix)”

Violent Soho – Saramona Said


Violent Soho’s Hungry Ghost didn’t get as much stateside love as it should have. Not only is the band’s sophomore album a testament to the (not so) surprising return of 90s rock, but it’s also one of the better albums of last year. “Saramona Said,” the most recent single off the release, is a sonic delight and one of the less aggressive songs on the album. What starts off as a sullen, downer of a riff quickly shifts into an uplifting, feel-good number propelled by peppy drums and steady downstrokes. Luke Boerdam gives one of the more relaxed vocal deliveries on Hungry Ghost, adding to the good natured tone of the tune. But then, just past the halfway point, the song gives way to a nice upper of a breakdown marked by double-time hi-hats and some serene “Ooh’s.” And then the real breakdown comes in, in all of its sludgy glory, just to make sure you haven’t forgotten you’re listening to Violent Soho. Stream “Saramona Said” below.

STREAM: Violent Soho – “Saramona Said”

OFF! – Void You Out


OFF!, the punk rock supergroup consisting of Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks), Mario Rubalcaba (Earthless, Hot Snakes, Rocket From The Crypt), Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides) and Steven McDonald (Redd Kross), have released “Void You Out,” the first single off of their upcoming album Wasted Years. The ferocious track stays true to OFF!’s no-apologies, no-frills style of hardcore, going even grittier than they ever have before. Coats’ riffs have always been on-point and interesting, but this time his guitar takes on new life, channeling Morris’ anger and frustration as he screams and shouts about historical revisionism in America. Heavy stuff.

OFF!’s Wasted Years is slated for release on April 8th via Vice and features artwork from none other than Raymond Pettibon. Stream “Void You Out” below.

STREAM: OFF! – “Void You Out”

Bass Drum Of Death – Black Don’t Glow


Oxford, Mississippi’s Bass Drum of Death have been churning out skuzzed up, lo-fi rock and roll since 2008. Originally the solo project of frontman John Barrett, Bass Drum of Death possess a sound that can only be described like the river that borders its namesake state: muddy, yet complex with subtle intricacies you may not catch at first glance.


Tears For Fears – Girls (Animal Collective Cover)

Tears For Fears’ most recent record, 2004′s Everyone Loves A Happy Ending, was the first original material Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith had produced together since 1989′s The Seeds of Love and their subsequent split two years later. It’s no surprise the influential duo are back in the studio working on a new album — reissues and reunion shows have been hinting at it since …Happy Ending‘s release — but what is in fact surprising is what Orzabal and Smith did to get back into the recording groove. They wrote covers. Okay, not that shocking, I know. But the songs they chose to cover and their face-smacking magnificence will have you running to the record store to dig for all things Tears for Fears.


Premiere: Covers – The Automation


It is with great pleasure that we premiere “The Automation”, the debut track from Melbourne’s Covers. The band have churned up a sound as hypnotic as it is epic, and it’s bound to sink its claws into eardrums. “The Automation” is out there, a vast soundscape full of rich sounds and instrumentation, powered by massive drums with a percussiveness that packages everything together. Threads from Arcade Fire’s “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out), The Walkmen’s “Little House of Savages” and Of Montreal’s “The Past is a Grotesque Animal” are present here.

It is hard to imagine how Covers’ “The Automation” would sound live, but it’s definitely deserving of a proper concert hall. For now, though, the track is best played through your car stereo while driving through fields at top speed. Buckle your seat belts, kids. This is one for the road.

STREAM: Covers – “The Automation” [PREMIERE]

HAERTS – All The Days (Joywave Remix)


Joywave transform HAERTS’s rolling, heartfelt “All the Days” into a driving, dark and gloomy dance number. The Rochester producer extraordinaires set the tone from the get-go with a moody and ominous sax – you know, the kind you usually heard in those old cop dramas when the detective ponders a case in the rain on a street corner with the obligatory trench coat and fedora. Joywave steer clear of the Western vibes of the original and rassle it into more somber territory; they capture the heartbreak and the undertones of longing and sorrow and bring them to the foreground where there’s no room for sugar-coating. When it comes time for the chorus, we’re teased with a glimpse of what is to come. Use this chance to prepare yourself, because once the floodgates open this remix is going to pin you down. Stream below.

STREAM: HAERTS – “All The Days (Joywave Remix)”

Preview: The Octopus Project @ DC9

Tonight, Austin’s The Octopus Project will be bringing their magical brand of experimental indie pop to the District at DC9. The four-piece is currently touring in support of their most recent LP Fever Forms, released July 9th via Peek-A-Boo Records. Get ready for the show with their video for album highlight “Sharpteeth” above.

DOWNLOAD: The Octopus Project – “Sharpteeth”

The Orwells – Who Needs You


Meet The Orwells, five seventeen/eighteen year olds from the suburbs of Chicago who self-released their first album, Remember When, while in high school. The Chi-town teen rockers have been relentlessly touring and have just put out an EP dubbed Other Voices with the help of producer Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio).

The boys are fixing to release another EP, Who Needs You, on September 10th via Canvas Back/East End. The title track, also produced by Dave Sitek, is a melodic, catchy romper-stomper whose lead melody will fester in your brain. The guitars sound bratty as ever — just as obnoxious, fuzzy, and bright as being eighteen. Static Age-era Misfits comes to mind, more specifically “Hybrid Moments,” with all of the fifties pop glory, except the ghouls and demons are substituted by youthful enthusiasm and energy. If you don’t find yourself bobbing your head at the very least, then I don’t think there is any hope for your soul.

Rock ‘n’ Roll is making a comeback. Fourteen year old me is very happy, while twenty-four year old me is stoked beyond belief. Stream “Who Needs You” below.

DOWNLOAD: The Orwells – “Who Needs You”

FIDLAR – Cocaine

What would you do if you got canned from your shitty job via text message? Crush 40s and piss on everything in your path? Yup, sounds about right. In FIDLAR’s latest music video for “Cocaine,” directed by their buddy Ryan Baxley, Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson aka the Perfect Human Being) does just that.

Promptly after getting fired, Nick smashes his phone and buys an armful of Mickey’s—FUCK IT, DOG. As we follow him around Los Angeles, Nick shamelessly pisses on everything, and I mean everything—even the great Nicolas Cage’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star is not safe from his warm wrath. The Dillinger inspired “Cocaine” backs up his Zero Fucks Given attitude, but in the end, Nick finds that if you just do what you love, you will eventually find success. Like most of FIDLAR’s catalog, the tune is loud, raucous and unrelenting, but above of all, it’s honest.

FIDLAR’s music has been called many things—skate, surf, slacker, stoner, punk—but, once you get to the heart of it, these four friends from LA are just a Rock-n-Roll band, in the rawest, truest sense of the word, and definitely one that Ron Swanson himself would surely approve of. Watch the video for “Cocaine” above.