Khushi – Magpie

Sometimes music can and need only be described as “beautiful.” Such is the case with London artist Khushi and his track “Magpie.” A list of similar artists would read on endlessly with comparisons to the National, Bon Iver and so on, but rather than go through them all why don’t you go ahead and hit play already? You’re going to like it.

You can stream “Magpie,” along with a number of Khushi’s other tracks, over on his Soundcloud.

STREAM: Khushi – “Magpie”

Pet Moon – Hold The Divide

“Hold The Divide” is the latest from Oxford’s Pet Moon. Born from the mind of former Foals and Youthmovies frontman Andrew Mears, Pet Moon straddles the boundaries between dream pop and math rock, two musical territories that seldom straddle one another. But Mears and co. do well at blending these disparate genres, drawing from other algebraic acts that have staked their claim in popular music; you can hear a bit of Foals’ angular instrumentals, Everything Everything’s frenetic vocals, This Town Needs Guns’ harmonies and unbridled fingertapping, and more in the calculated pop of “Hold The Divide.” Listen to how it all comes together below.

STREAM: Pet Moon – “Hold The Divide”

PREMIERE: New Desert Blues – River

This past summer we premiered “Thom,” the debut track from UK act New Desert Blues. Despite living thousands of miles away from the American heartland, the South Coast five-piece manages to show more true grit in their bleak folk-rock than most bands here in the States. Today the band continues westward with “River,” a new track that continues to carve out the niche set up by “Thom.” Stream it for the first time on All Things Go below. If you like what you hear, head over to New Desert Blues’ Soundcloud to listen to some more from the band.

STREAM: New Desert Blues – “River” [PREMIERE]

Kavinsky – Protovision

I think Kavinsky has a thing for fast cars. Known best for “Nightcall,” his 80s-retro contribution to the Drive soundtrack, the French electro-house artist hits the streets once again in the video for his latest single, “Protovision,” which comes off his upcoming EP, Outrun. Join him and his mechanical persona as he evades the fuzz with some serious Gosling-style maneuvers.

Expect Kavinsky’s Outrun EP to drop some time in early 2013.

STREAM: Kavinsky – “Protovision”

M83 – Wait

Fleur & Manu‘s video trilogy for M83‘s Hurry Up We’re Dreaming comes to a close with a piece for album standout “Wait.” Created in conjunction with the Creator’s Project, part three closes out the tale of F&M’s runaway super-kids that began in “Midnight City” and “Reunion.” “Wait” is an ambiguous end to the story, presenting a post-apocalyptic world presumably brought about by the continued exploits of our young protagonists. In the words of the directors themselves, “We felt it was important to re-connect with a meaningful subject that would have an echo in today’s world. The promise of a new cycle, seen through the kid’s eyes.” Watch the conclusion to this stunning trilogy above.

M83′s Hurry Up We’re Dreaming is available now on Warp.

STREAM: M83 – “Wait”

Kate Boy – In Your Eyes

Kate Boy‘s “In Your Eyes” isn’t the first time we’ll liken a Swedish act to the Knife and it surely won’t be the last. Drawing plenty from their aforementioned predecessors along with compatriots Niki & The Dove, “In Your Eyes” melds tribal percussion and air-searing synths with alluring female vocals to create a powerful track worthy of a spot in Scandinavia’s electro-pop canon. Surprisingly, the track is just a B-Side to the Hype Machine-climbing “Northern Lights.” You can grab both when the Northern Lights EP comes out January 22nd via iamsound.

STREAM: Kate Boy – “In Your Eyes”

Saint Motel – Benny Goodman

L.A. indie rock outfit Saint Motel is back with a video for “Benny Goodman,” the new single off their latest full-length, Voyeur. Directed by frontman A/J Jackson, the piece pays homage to the rags to riches story of legendary jazz musician Benny Goodman (who broke out while on the verge of going broke with a performance at the Palomar Theatre) through child dance sensation Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown. Playing off the image of a certain family of five, Brown shows that he’s got what it takes to be the Michael of the bunch in the middle of a busy restaurant. Watch him bust a move above.

Saint Motel’s Voyeur is out now via On The Records.

MP3: Saint Motel – “Benny Goodman”

The Neighbourhood – Let It Go

The Neighbourhood were quick to follow-up last week’s premiere of “Let It Go” with a brand new video for the track. Keeping with the noir aesthetic of just about everything else they’ve done — Instagram acccount included — the piece reveals the tortured side of a housewife living in Middle America. Check it out above.

The Neighbourhood’s “Let It Go” will receive a proper single release on January 14th via Columbia. Expect a debut full length in the spring.

STREAM: The Neighbourhood – “Let It Go”

Die Mason Die – Lost

Say hello to Heavy Roc‘s latest signing, Die Mason Die. A Londoner by way of Australia and Wales, the artist born Samuel Mason is making some mighty powerful music at only 19 years young. A self-described “ghost folk” artist, Die Mason Die falls somewhere near the darker end of Mumford and Sons’ catalog. He’s already got one EP under his belt — Tongues In The Clamp, released earlier this month — and is slowly making his way onto the UK live circuit. Check out the above video for standout track “Lost.”

Die Mason Die’s Tongues In The Clamp is out now via Heavy Roc.

Die Mason Die – “Lost”

Darwin Deez – Free (The Editorial Me)

It’s good to know Darwin Deez is still alive. The New York artist is back after an extended period of silence with a new track, “Free (The Editorial Me),” the first single off his sophomore LP, Songs For Imaginative People. Darwin says the songs on his upcoming record will have a “king-size” quality to them, “[s]o don’t just listen to them once and judge them; chew your food. It tastes better that way after all.” “Free (The Editorial Me)” is a tad bit more out there than his earlier work, but after a few listens we’re already sold.

The track comes with a video courtesy of director Ninian Doff. Apparently it was inspired by the Bill Murray flick Groundhog Day, although we’d like to think it’s some quirky hipster take on Looper.

Darwin Deez’s Songs For Imaginative People will hit shelves sometime in February 2013 through Lucky Number Music.